4CN Presses

4CN PressesThe OMPSA four columns presses mod. 4CN, developed since the half of the Sixties with specific experience on this field, are particularly suggested for that kind of workings that use dies of progressive working kind requiring middle and high speed production.

T he control electric cabinet is provided of a touch-screen operator control panel; this allows to visualize and to enter all the machine function parameters, to memorize many working programs and to visualize all the alarms.

The machine peculiar construction ensures a parallel lowering of the ram even if in the presence of out of centre loadings; this is very important if there are progressive dies whose stress axis with difficulty coincides with their geometric centre.

A set of specific accessories make the OMPSA presses suitable to the very different needs of the user.

A special hydraulic system allows to safeguard the mould from any overloads.

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