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The Ompsa presses are divided into two macro-categories, selected according to the customer's specific needs. In particular, dripping presses are used for all cold cutting and cold stamping operations of medium metal production speeds, in which the elastic return of the material is to be reduced and good product quality is obtained. Instead, the eccentric presses are best suited to all those cold cutting and cold stamping operations of medium metal parts at medium to high production speeds.

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Presented in the world since 1970

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Presses for every need

There is no universal machine, as there is no customer equal to another.
Ompsa takes great care of the need and purpose of each company,
and makes tailor-made customizations depending on the product you are going to make.
This is why Ompsa customers have established a long-term partnership with our company.

Sectors of employment

Ompsa presses are used to produce objects commonly used in many product categories: Clothing, Costume Jewelery, Household, Household Appliances, Door Closures, Goldsmiths and many more

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