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OMPSA s.r.l. Mechanical Workshop has been operating since the middle of the 60s in the sector of the designing and the production of mechanical eccentric presses for the cold forming of precision metal parts in the following sectors: footwear, clothing industry, goldsmithery and jewelry industry, electric and electronic industry amd, in general, all sectors producing items starting from metal strips.

Thanks to its long-lasting experience, our company is able to design machines to our customers' special and unique needs and requirements.

Our production process is entirely carried out by Ompsa staff, starting from the designing up to the final testing of the machine, using high-quality products and can be divided into:

2- AND 4-COLUMN eccentric presses, ideal for the use with progressive dies featuring medium and high production speed, for forming, pressing and shearing procedures.

2- AND 4-COLUMN knuckle-joint presses, ideal for use of progressive dies featuring medium production speed, as well as for forming, pressing and coining.

Our wide range of machines includes presses featuring force values ranging from 25 up to 85 tons.
A set of accessories (feeders and quick-assembly systems for dies) makes the use of these presses really wide and versatile.
According to the fast developments and changes of the market, Ompsa always complied with customers' requirements, offering custom-designed solutions in order to fulfill the most varied needs.
Our machines are well known for their reliability, high level of precision and production speed, not only in Italy but also abroad.
OMPSA mechanical workshop guarantees worldwide just-in-time customer after sale service.

"Pasquini Osvaldo" mechanical workshop was established in via Verdi n° 98, Subbiano (Arezzo) and bears the name of its founder, who was specialized in repairing vehicles.


As a consequence oif a change in the market demand, the mechanical workshop starts producing honing machines for tiles.


The Company starts producing shearing machines for leather industry.


Thanks to a local development of the goldsmith industry, the Company starts designing and producing presses for plated products.


The Company changes its name into "OMPSA"( Pasquini Mechanical Workshops Subbiano Arezzo) and moves to a new and wider plant, more suitable for the new production capacity.


Ompsa starts producing 4-Columns eccentric presses, used for the forming process of small precision metal parts for industrial use in several different fields, from the footwear industry to the clothing industry.


For the first time Ompsa starts producing presses  with double connecting rod.


A new production line for clicking presses was created in order to fulfill the requirements of the footwear industry and the clothing industry.


Begin the production of the first Two-Columns presses for automatic shearing of shoe insoles directly from leather rolls.


As a consequence of the automation process fo the goldsmith industry, Ompsa starts producing Two-Columns hammering presses for the industrial production of gold chains.


Presses are equipped with the first control device for the adjustment of the tonnage (die protection device).


The new plant of Ompsa is built in the actual place, in order to meet the increased production needs.


New electronic management devices and controls are implemented; the Company starts producing its first electronic feeders.


Designing and production of double-knuckle-joint presses with slowdown device.


Development of a new project concerning the 4-Columns presses Model 4CN, in order to improve precision during the working procedures thanks to the replacement of the ball adjustment screw by means of a “plunger-pin” system.


Enlargement of the headquarters and production plant.


Updating of the electronic components of the machines thanks to the addition of HMI (operator panels) to program parameters starting from the die codes.


OMPSA achieves ISO 9001 quality certification.


The project OF M200E electronic feeders was completely updated.


OMPSA built its thousandth press.


Development of a new generation of electronic feeders; the control system was directly renewed and interfaced with a new HMI.


Our machines respond to the requirements of "Industry 4.0".

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