ME Series

ME SeriesThe OMPSA electronic feeders, developed since the half of the Eighties with specific experience on this field, are particularly suggested for that kind of workings that use dies of progressive working kind requiring high speed production, with the possibility to change the arc feeding width for any kind of mould.

Control panel, placed on the electric cabinet, consists of an operator interface and a cams positioner. The operator interface allows the setting of: feed step, speed, acceleration, deceleration, number of pieces to produce; all the parameters can be changed during press running with no need to stop the machine. The cams positioner allows the adjustment of the feeding angle.

Precision of forwarding step is ensured by a motor’s encoder or, on request, by an encoder with metric wheel, placed directly over the band whose contact strength can be adjusted through apposite pneumatic cylinder. The couple of big diameter rollers, motorized by a set of four gears in oil bath, is powered by a brushless motor. The upper roller is of oscillating kind in order to fit itself to the band thickness; the closing strength is given by two separately adjustable pneumatic cylinders. The command to opening of upper roller, for moulds with pilot punches, can be mechanical (by cam) or electronic (by electronic cam, with set of thickness and work angle).

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