M Series

M SeriesOur mechanical feed units of the M series, which are produced in the M100 and M200 models, are especially suitable for the feeding procedure of bands for high-speed mechanical presses, as long as they are equipped with a passing eccentric shaft which is necessary to use the control disc of the feed unit.

The feed movement between the lower and the upper roll takes place through four gears with free wheel which make it possible to obtain an excellent rotation precision even with bands of different thickness. The braking procedure is carried out by a special intermittent device which brakes the inertia of the rolls and of the material only at the end of the feed movement.

The feed movement control is provided by the rotation of the press shaft through its corresponding rod and therefore the feed movement, which is perfectly synchronized with the lowering of the hammer, takes place within an arc width of 180°. The feed movement adjustment is carried out by an eccentric with slide device, which is installed on a disc, fixed to the press eccentric shaft; the measurement is shown in mm tenths on a special display.

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